Alkalizing the Body – The Benefits of Alkalizing the Body


Alkalizing the body is actually a key step to promoting overall health.  There are many health benefits associated with higher alkaline levels in the body.  Over time, acidity builds up in the body creating an imbalance.  If you think about it, everything that we consume and the toxins that we are exposed to all contribute to high levels of acidity in the body.  This can cause a number of negative health conditions.  Arthritis, high blood pressure, fatigue, and sleeplessness are just a few of the symptoms that result from a pH imbalance in the human body.

Alkalinity is important because the cells in our bodies need to maintain their natural alkaline balance in order to stay healthy.  The pH levels in our bodies are changed by the food we eat, the stress we endure, and even the water we drink.  Our health suffers as a result.  Most people have high acid levels and do not even realize it.  Research has shown that there are many benefits when alkalizing the body.  Your blood pressure will stay at healthier levels, you will have more energy, and your bone and digestive systems will function better.

Alkalizing the body can actually prevent premature aging. With so many positive effects, you may be wondering how you can improve your own alkalinity levels.  There are two simple answers.  First of all, you need to watch what you eat.  Meat, coffee, alcohol, and processed foods all contain high levels of acids.  This can do a lot of damage if you are not careful to monitor your eating habits.  Once you have changed your diet, then you will need to look at the kind of water you drink.  Surprisingly, most people drink highly acidic tap water.  There are so many chemicals in tap water, and this is not the healthiest water to be drinking.  Think how much chlorine and fluoride is added to tap water.

The key to alkalizing the body is to drink ionized or alkalized water.  This water does not have the harmful acids that tap water does.  Even if you are drinking bottled water, you are still consuming acidic water.  Only alkalized water can restore your body to a healthy alkaline state.  There are all kinds of great products that let you drink this special water in your own home.  It works to counteract the acidic foods that you consume as well as the toxic elements in your environment.  With the right water, your body will get the proper pH balance to function more efficiently.  These health benefits speak for themselves.

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Our liver is the built in detoxifying mechanism in our body and the kidney, lymph nodes and lungs are the filtering systems. The liver can handle the naturally occurring toxins and acids produced by food, but it can not handle the non artificial chemicals such as pesticides, chemical preservatives and flavor enhancers. These toxins will not be disposed by our liver. The acidic toxic wastes remain in the body causing organs to malfunction. This puts our blood in danger by becoming too acidic.



The Risk Factors of Acidic Waste

It is very hard to avoid eating chemicalized food that leave acidic residues and as we age, these acid wastes get deposited on our bone joints and once we get close the age of fifty, we start suffering from pain in our joints.

Once the acid wastes in the body increase and mostly remain in the blood, they can trigger cardiovascular diseases by making scratches on the walls of arteries. These scratches and injuries are bandaged by cholesterol, calcium and other acid wastes and naturally the higher the cholesterol level, the narrower the arteries get.

Narrowed arteries can be very dangerous because some of the fatty plaques that are attached to the arteries can travel through the blood to the brain and cause a stroke or they can increase the blood pressure which can increase the chance of heath attack.

Dr. Kancho Kuninaha has performed several clinical studies by using alkaline water to lower the blood pressure on his patients. By drinking alkaline water, the alkaline particles in the water have removed the acidic wastes from the arterial walls and have opened up the arteries.

Excess acidic wastes are not only a danger to our cardiovascular system but also a danger to all other organs. When our blood is very acidic, it is not able to carry oxygen and nutrients to our cells. Body cells need oxygen and nutrients in order to function properly and when they are deprived from oxygen, they either die or become acidic waste, which in turn they become malignant.

Cancer cells live and survive in an poor oxygen environment, they grow fast and multiply continually. The good cells get gobbled up by these multiplying cancer cells and die.

It is clear that the prevention of cancer should start by removing the acidic wastes that turn the normal cells into cancerous ones.

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Each glass of therapeutic Kangen Water contains millions of anti-oxidants, increases the body’s supply of available oxygen, provides calcium and other vital vitamins, and removes the toxins.

Kangen water also super-hydrates the body due to it’s unique molecular structure.

Kangen Water is full of negatively charged hydroxyl ions that actively search out free radicals in the body and disable them.

One glass of Kangen Water is equivalent to one gallon of green tea in the terms of anti-oxidant activity.
Therapeutic Kangen Water is a rich source of alkaline minerals, including calcium, magnesium, and possasium.

If your body is acidic, the chances of you having some kind of illness, such as acid reflux, arthritis, diabetes, cancer and Fibromyalgia is very likely.

It takes 3 gallons of Kangen water to neutralize one can of cola products.

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